Insurance Claim In

Wow! I finally managed to get an insurance claim in which I’ve been meaning to do for months and months. To be exact it’s for a luggage that got lost by British Airways for us in January 2007. That’s 13 months ago; but I finally managed to get all the paperwork in order and send it in. My fault really, I should have been more proactive; but last I spoke to the insurance firm they said I was still in time.

Insurance is one of those funny things. It’s really all about risk and your attitude towards it. For example, personal injury is something you rarely think about, however when it happens it’s always nice to have some sort of compensation. Bit it really depends on which end you are really. If you’re on the paying end, it’s pretty important to have some sort of indemnity insurance to cover you from this sort of risk.

The question is, are you covered?


  1. No, I don’t. I only landed on your page looking at your wp auctions thingy… mine doesn’t want to play ball on my site 😀

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