Now on Firefox v3

So, I’ve done the deed and installed Firefox v3 beta 3.? It seems pretty stable, haven’t had any issues in the 5 minutes I’ve been running it, and I’m loving all the new functionality. I love the location bar (see left) and particularly like the Page Info dialog box; that shows you a whole bunch of information about the web site you’re on, including things like security information and what passwords FireFox has stored for that page.

As expected, most of my plugins don’t seem to be working, but it will be nice to start getting them back a few at a time, as the relative developers start dropping their latest versions of the plugins. TwitterFox seems to be soft of working, so I should hopefully still be able to keep in touch with everyone.

Hopefully, I won’t have any issues. I find it hard to stay away from new software (much like Paris Hilton finds it hard to stay out of alcohol rehab), but the nice thing about software is that you can always uninstall it. Firefox is quite good in this respect, as it leaves the old version on your machine in a fully functional state. I wish other software providers would take a page out of that book!

Anyway, if you’re planning on making the jump, you can read more about the new features here

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