Spam Policy Update

spam.jpgWow, this blog has received almost 64k spam comments since I’ve started running WordPress. That’s a substantial number, but I’m pleased to say that Akismet seems to be trapping 99.99% of them. I’ve be happy to give them the award for the best software available this year! My comment spam ranges from advertising websites, encouraging me to play poker,? all the way to pharmaceuticals to make me bigger, stronger, taller and more endowed!

One new trend is human-driven spam where someone leaves a comment that vaguely fits in with the subject of the post, and signs there comment with something other than their name, for example: discount hotels Las Vegas. This is fishing for a free contextual link off my comments (as I intentionally DoFollow my comments). I reserve the right to change the commentor’s name in this instance and to delete their link; though I may leave the comment standing if it is someway relevant to the post.

Think this will help reduce my spam?


  1. I couldn’t resist changing my name after reading your comments above.

    Simple answer to the question you pose – I have the feeling that if you announce in any way shape or form that you will ‘dofollow’ spam will automattically follow.

    But don’t completely discount human driven spam – at least someone is entering a comment and they are real not a machine.

    I’ve now going dofollow on pingbacks but not yet on Comments. That said, CommentLuv seems a good idea.

    My couple of penny’s worth

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