A car full of gadgets

It’s funny how I seem to collect gadgets wherever I go. I have a number of toys in my car, but I must say, my favourite has to be my GPS unit. It’s a small device the size of a tennis ball, but it keeps me from getting lost. It has maps for all of Europe on a tiny micro-SD card and also has a USB port so that I can update the maps from my PC whenever the supplier has a new update.

I’ve used it in a variety of places so far. I’ve used it in the centre of London, in Wales, in the Lake District and all over the UK. I’ve used it here in the Isle of Man too, but not because I’ve had to; it’s quite hard to get lost here. The unit is nice and portable; it can run off batteries too, so I could carry it around with me if I wanted. One day, I might try GeoCaching with it, but haven’t really got round to it yet.

The best thing it has done for me is to increase my confidence while driving. It doesn’t really matter if I take a wrong wrong, as it can easily calculate an alternative route for me and it allows me to plan my journey’s better and best of all .. always find my way back home!

P.S. That’s not my car above …

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  1. Wanna try something cool to do with your GPS? Try this…

    – Set the time in the GPS and your digital camera to exactly the same
    – turn on the track logs in your GPS
    – then, take off on your journeys and snap pics, being sure to carry your GPS whenever you’re taking them,
    – then, when you get home, use Google’s free app, GPicSync, http://code.google.com/p/gpicsync/, to sew the track logs and your pics together.
    – You’ll be able to view your entire trip in Google Earth or export a KMZ file to Google Maps and share your trip with friends.


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