The Lone Server

Today I came across an interesting viral marketing campaign that Microsoft have embarked on. It’s the story of The Lone Server, which is allegedly the last Windows 2003 server that Microsoft are using now that they have switched all their other servers to Windows 2008.

Oh, and The Lone Server even has a Facebook and LinkedIn page! Nice to see Microsoft’s marketing engine heading down modern marketing channels.


  1. I was hired by MS to run telecom for the EMEA region in 1999. One of the first things I tried to do was to use the server software to build telephone systems – was told that would no happen. In late 2000 I tried to buy a company in Israel that had a full PBX on a Dell server, we installed one in the Tel Aviv office, but MS went no more than that one test. I had the idea of using the Data Center Server software to run a call center, tried to get the product replicated and modified as the Call Center Server software, and was told that we did PC’s, not phones. I left the company a few months ago, and this is a good thing to see. I was writing an article (slash rant) to send out using Artemis that covers this subject, and I will be including the links you provided.

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