Technical Evening

Wow, it’s been a pretty busy evening; I’ve been getting my hands dirty with a whole range of different things.

  • My Fonera arrived! It’s a great way to share your WiFi connection in a controlled fashion, so that you have control over what bandwidth you charge, who uses your connection and whether you want it to be totally free or not. I set it up, then turned it off so I can play with it some other day.
  • Izea have launched IzeaRanks, a comparative site metric based on real traffic to your website. I’ve set it up on some of my blogs (including this one), and will post some screen shots of what it looks like.
  • Did some more PHP coding on this WordPress plugin I’m working on. Today involved some bug fixes and some messing with directory functions.
  • I finally finished building my .Net development virtual machine. Next step will be to test run some apps, but not today …

I just wish I had more time before I fall asleep in front of Family Guy

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