Malta joins the Euro

I’m sure things are pretty “interesting” in Malta at the moment, as they are currenty in a changeover period switching from the Maltese Lira to the Euro. The general public started using the Euro as currency on the 1st January and shops will stop accepting it at the end of this month. It’s a pretty rapid changeover and one that many people have been working towards for many many months. There will always be teething troubles, but it’s a change that was decided a long time ago.

I must say that I’m sad to see the currency I grew up with be totally annihilated, but Dow Jones states the advantages pretty succinctly:

“Adopting the euro will mean less currency risk for exporters, more competitive economies for consumers and, most importantly, a stable currency environment for much sought-after foreign investment.” (taken from MaltaMedia News)

It will be an interesting four weeks ..

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  1. Mum was saying, she went into a shop with Portugese Euros and the shop refused them because they only accepted Maltese Euros!

    I think someone was missing the point!!

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