User Generated Christmas Content

This Christmas has been pretty innovative for a lot of people. Not for me, as I spent most of my time away from home visiting family in Malta. However, getting back to the office, I’ve found a huge selection of custom-made eCards, greeting movies and other visual treats which have been created by friends, family and colleagues.

Here are some treats:

The great thing about UGC (User Generated Content) is that it’s always fresh and relevant; and therefore a great vehicle for marketeers to associate their products with (note the Diet-Pepsi sponsored Snowball Fight on JibJab). The examples above also demonstrate how technology is becoming more and more available. A few years ago you’d have needed to devote developer effort to producing the eye candy above, nowadays you just need to specify a few options, upload your photos and off you go. If you haven’t tried it out, pop down to JibJab and try it yourself.

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