Exam Over. Time for a Holiday.

So, the Project Management exam is over! It wasn’t all that bad, though I don’t feel as if I’ve aced it. But, as long as I manage to get a decent grade, I’ll be happy. Next topic to turn my sights on is Organisational Behaviour. I’m hoping to do this in March/April, so I’d better get cracking. No rest for the wicked!

Well, ok, I’m off on holiday tomorrow. We’re off to Finland for a week to spend some time frolicing in the snow. Should be great fun, especially as we’ve never really had an opportunity to ski, build a huge snowman or even go toboganning. I’m sure Arthur will have a whale of a time. We’re off to Ruka, anyone live around there?

(btw, the picture here is a live webcam feed. Give you an idea how much snow there is!)


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