BWiredIn. Now that’s a catchy name that carries the implication that you’re part of something greater. And that’s what the BWiredIn Network is trying to sell. Their catchphrase is that they are there to help you “Earn Money Through Internet Marketing“. What it’s really all about is a way to build up an affiliate marketing network and take a share in the revenue that your content drives to their site.

I must say, I was confused with what the site was offering at first. You can understand more about how the whole scheme works by reading through the FAQs. Essentially you sign up to run a website and pay a charge of $129.95 a month for hosting your website. You get access to a number of training videos, as well as a multitude of data that should help you target your offerings to your viewers. It seems like you don’t have to supply your own content, but instead trawl the web for RSS feeds that contain the content you want to propagate on your site. Revenue is earned through AdSense and other advertising options.

If this is the sort of thing for you, feel free to check it out. Personally I prefer building my own sites, but I’m sure there’s a market for this sort of thing out there.


  1. It’s definitely not my cup of tea, but I’m sure that there are a lot of frustrated people who will give it a try. Of course, that’s probably a lot of money for anyone who actually needs their help.

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