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Here’s something that I need to put on my reading list. (I have my Project Management exam next Thursday so won’t read it just yet). faberNovel Consulting has just issued a Research Paper on best practices from leading social network websites, which covers MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn and all the other usual suspects. Here’s some blurb about it:

Social networks have numerous specificities. A company’s ability to identify and understand these specificities, and offer suitable answers, results in major success within this field. Today, this sector appears mature enough to enable a study of the market’s leading firms’ development in order to identify their “best practices” and to propose a specific framework analysis for each type of website.

I picked up the link from Read/WriteWeb which shows some of the results in the study:

Some other websites have picked up on it and it’s mentioned on Techmeme, but as it’s Sunday, I don’t think it’s spread much yet. Pretty compelling stuff I thought. Get your hands on the research paper here.


  1. Interesting. Of course, I think the study may be stretching the envelope just a bit when it considers YouTube and Flickr as ‘social networking’ sites. Closer to the truth is that the sites were popular for the service they provided, and community sprang up around them; Facebook, MySapce and so on started out with community as the focal point and developed from there. Same diff when considering what’s down the road as far as development and best practices though.

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