Involved in Work Connexions

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to Leo recently and will be helping him in the near future to develop his ideas and direct the technology efforts behind his latest initiative: Work Connexions. It’s a great little idea, one that is sparked from a need in the market for business networking and online presence.

Here’s a quite run down of what Work Connexions is all about:

Work Connexions offers everything you need to make effective and trusted connexions and participate in our community dedicated to work/life.

  • Powerful advertisement options
  • Create and post to your own blog
  • Subscribe to blogs and adverts using RSS
  • Debate in our Forums

It’s an interesting idea that can be quite valuable for a business or contractor without the skills and size to maintain it’s online presence. Granted there are a number of similar websites around, but I think Work Connexions‘ killer proposition is that it’s aimed at the local market and can therefore be tailored and optimised for local needs.

Should be an interesting jouney ..


  1. An excellent opportunity for you to develop your already considerable talents Owen. You and Leo will make a great team. Good luck.

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