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I recently went to watch Spamalot in London (yup, the Monthy Python musical) and it was really convenient to buy the tickets for the show online. I actually bought them off the show’s website as they proved to be cheaper than other alternatives, but I wouldn’t be averse to buying them off someone who couldn’t make it. The question, however, is how to find someone with tickets available.

Enter Viagogo. It’s an interesting website that provides a market place for people to buy and sell tickets online. The offer tickets for all sorts of events, from Football Tickets, Rugby Tickets and Cricket Tickets all the way to concerts and the best shows in the West End.

The operate an interesting model that is aimed both at people buying and selling tickets. You can search for a particular event (say Monthy Python’s Spamalot), pick the show you’re interested in based on the date and time it’s playing, then choose whether you want to buy or sell tickets for that event. If you are selling tickets, you need to supply your card or bank details as proof of ID (this is presumably to stop people selling fake tickets), and information about the ticket. The ticket pricing is up to you. You can sell it at a fixed price, you could auction it or you could sell it on a declining price basis (the prices drops as the event date approaches). There’s also an interesting feature where you can choose that the proceeds of the sale get donated directly to charity.

Must bookmark this for the next time I need some tickets.

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  1. Hi,
    Its interesting.I checked that site viagogo.Really it is good.Instead of standing in a queue to buy the tickets,buying tickets in online is very simple and it is also time consuming process.So no time waste, no tired, no trouble nothing.Really that “donated directly to charity” concept is well and good.

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