Microsoft looking to buy a chunk of Facebook?

I’ve just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that almost sounds as speculative as a search engine marketing blog. It talks about how Microsoft is try to acquire a stake in FaceBook as part of their ploy to wrest Internet dominance from Google. Now I’m not sure what WSJs articles are normally like, but the article is littered with references to “people in the know” and “people familiar with the matter”. It still makes interesting reading though, so check it out.

There seems to be quite a bit of discussion about it on the boards/blogs today. These range from thoughts that a $15 billion valuation is a tad too high, to observations that Microsoft is better placed to buy a stake in FaceBook that Google, however, there is a concensus that FaceBook is going to need some sort of cash injection to help it grow. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is in a position of strength at the moment. Let’s see where this goes.

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