A rush of blog to the .. erm .. head?

Came across an interesting post on Marketing Pilgrim this morning talking about a new blog syndication network called Blogrush. It operates by giving blog owners a widget they can add to their website that show posts from related blogs. In return, the network will syndicate your content on other blogs in the hope of encouraging traffic to your site.

Some initial thoughts:

  • There’s some trepidation that the system will succumb to splogs and people trying to inflate their traffic. I’m sure BlogRush have a handle on that, but it’s bound to be a critical element in whether the syndication network achieves enough trust by it’s participants.
  • I’m not sure how much traffic the widget will attract. It’s not very obtrusive, and in fact I missed it the first time I saw it. Maybe as I get used to it more and more ..
  • The widget uses Javascript-injection to achieve it’s ends. This means it will be less interesting to spammers, but also introduces a performance dependancy on a 3-rd party.

I’ve added it to this blog to see how it performs. In the meantime, if you run a blog, check out BlogRush.


  1. Seems like every blogger are recommending BlogRush! anyway, blogrush still new to us, we might get less click from visitors

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