Shoot other people for money

kwari.JPGHere’s an interesting twist on a theme. Ever since the heady days that Wolfenstein 3D graced our screens, First Person Shooters (FPSs) have gone from strength to strength; taking the genre to new heights. Today I read about an interesting development that may take it down an interesting avenue, adding renumeration to the game.

Kwari is the name of the game and here’s the blurb:

Kwari is a free-to-download FPS in which players put their money where their skills are by agreeing on a “per hit” rate of one penny to one dollar. Every time you score a hit, that amount of cash is taken from your opponent’s account and put in yours, with the reverse happening when you’re hit yourself.

That comes from Wired which is where I read about the story thanks to a mate on ManxForums who pointed it out. I’ve signed up for the beta; will let you know what it’s like once i get my hands on the game.

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