Help Rob help kids in Palestine

Rob Grigg, a friend and ex-colleague from Conchango is going to by cycling from London to Paris for a charitable cause and has launched an appeal to raise some funds. Here are the details:

I will be cycling 190 miles from London to Paris on September 14th – 16th with 14 colleagues from work in support of Playgrounds for Palestine UK, a charity which supports children living under occupation and in refugee camps in Palestine.

image001.jpgThe charity does what is says on the tin – build playgrounds for children who grow up too quickly in a poverty-stricken and hostile environment, and who have rare opportunities to grow up with real play.

The charity needs £5000 to register as a charity, and £8000 to build a decent playground straight off the bat.

You know me and how sporty I am, so suffice to say this is a significant challenge for me and as you have probably rightly surmised is related to my ongoing mid-life crisis ;). However it is also for a really worthy cause, so it would be great if you could forgo your take away this week and make a donation which will result in me wearing lycra and helping change kids lives.

He’s collecting money from friends and friends of friends and everyone who can spare some cash for a good cause. If you want to donate some money you can do this through the PayPal links below

If you don’t like PayPaling money to strangers (after all I could be a crook), drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with him directly. Alternatively you can go straight to the Playgrounds for Palestine website.

Good on you Rob! I hope you manage to achieve your goal.

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