What would you give for a crystal ball ?

I posted a comment on Lord Matt’s website the other day, about how one could be immensely rich if one could foretell the future. It was in reference to house prices and the property market. The price of property here in the UK has been climbing steadily year-on-year, and people in the industry keep saying that a crash is imminent. It’s been “imminent” for a few years now, which either implies I don’t know what imminent means, or that some people don’t know what they’re talking about.

The reality is that lots of money can be made (or lost) on the property market. Whether you’re looking at the rental market, or looking to invest in property, the upward trend in prices is bound to make your investment seem a lucrative one. However, my advice is always to learn as much as you can about a market before you decide to take the plunge. And real estate investing is no exception. There’s lots of information available, both online and offline and you need to read up quite a bit to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and glean some valuable information.

Online channels can provide lots of information in this respect. Take the REIClub.com for example. It’s a repository for loads of information, forums, tips, advice and resources around understanding the property market and the opportunities and risks that surround it. So, as always, keep informed. Information is power!

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