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I love the weekend. It gives me time to catch up on things and even have a few minutes to play the occasional game. As I’m so busy at the moment I make a conscious effort not to get involved in any MMORPG, but it doesn’t mean I don’t dip into a couple every now and again. Ever since the time I spent on LegendMUD, I try to stay away as I know I could end up spending the rest of my life online if I’m not careful.

Today I tried out one called Chaos Lands which is a free online multiplayer RPG game. It’s has a fantasy theme with a turn-based strategy battlefield. You can make up your character any which way you like, thanks to the vast selection of parameters the game offers. There are 11 different races, 9 different classes, each race and class has their own unique skill (out of a total of 75 skills). Battle is either one-on-one or co-operative and you can even take part massive battles among many players.

It sounds like fun, but I haven’t really spent a serious amount of time in this world as Real Life interfered once again. The UI is quite interesting as it’s Flash based and works in any browser. You can therefore play anywhere you like without needing a specific telnet client (like traditional MUDs) or thick client (like, say World of Warcraft). Check it out if you want to play a bit.

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  1. Just watched one of their online battles, and if you are a fan of risk then it is worth a try. When I have more time on my hands, I will sign up an account.

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