Read a review before you buy

Do you check out reviews before you buy anything? You should; it’s so easy online to search for a review and get an indication of how good/bad the product you’re after is. I’m not saying you should trust anything you read on the web implicitly. However, someone who’s had a decidedly positive or negative experience will be quite ready to express their opinion and these reviews are a great way to gauge public perception of the item you’re after.

One place you can find reviews is called Test Freaks. There are reviews for every product out there, whether you’re after cell phone reviews, Camcorders or TVs you can find a review about the item you’re looking for. The website is still in production but there’s already loads and loads of reviews. Check them out!

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  1. Yes, I check reviews. I reviewed this site at Amazon! Hopefully your alexa badge will have a 1 in the review section, soon.

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