To WordPress or not to WordPress

Ian Fernando just asked a question on V7N as to whethr to go for WordPress or not. His questions are specifically about? extensibility, customization and spam. Here’s what I responded:

  • Easy to manipulate: WordPress has an extensible API that has allows 3rd party developers to write plugins for it. There’s a wealth of plugins out there doing everything you can imagine. And if you can code in PHP you can write your own plugins for it too. I needed a plugin that sends an email to a commentor on my blog when I reply to their comment, so I just wrote one.
  • Spam: For me, spam has become a thing of the past. WordPress comes with a magnificent plugin called Askimet which catches 99.9% of the spam that hits my website. If that’s not good enough for you, you can also implement another plugin called Bad Behaviour which makes it practically impossible for automated spam to get through. That’s unless you want to implement any captcha or another other anti-spam plugins that exists out there.
  • Customising layouts: There’s a wealth of themes for WordPress out there and I mean literally thousands of them. Creating your own is also very easy if you know a bit of CSS/HTML. It’s always much easier though to find one similar to what you want and customise it.

Anyone out there think highly of WordPress?


  1. I love WordPress. I’ve considered other blog software but it’s so easy to use, looks nice, and has so many plugins, that I just can’t find anything better. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t even think of using anything other than WordPress now. How else would I test your plugins?

  3. Let’s see I started with HTML and Geocities then Blogger, GreyMatter, Moveable Type and now WP…

    I’m sticking with WP, love it. Don’t know what else to say about it but it is one hell of a good piece of code.

  4. I’m very happy with WordPress. There are tons of themes, and editing one or creating your own is always an option. The Akismet plugin is great for stopping spam. I had never used another blogging program before WP and I have always found it easy to use.

  5. Switching my site to WordPress was one of the best things I did with it. I got very frustrated with Blogger before the move (especially with the changes as they updated their platform). Corporate blogging on .text and Community Server was OK, but WP seems to beat everything else I’ve seen.

  6. @Mark: Ditto. Switching to WP was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m even using it as a CMS for non-blog sites !

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