Sell you house the fun way!

Here’s a great idea for people trying to buy and sell a house. The traditional model involves sellers listing their properties, together with features, prices etc and waiting for buyers to find their property and request a viewing. turns this whole idea on it’s head. works by letting buyer post information about what sort of property they are after, then letting property owners search for people with the right profiles in order to invite them to view their properties. It’s a free service so there’s no harm in trying it out.

The great idea here is that selling your home can be very frustrating as you’re just sitting there waiting for something to happen. This model lets sellers get proactive about shifting their property and puts the onus on them to drive the sale. Will be great to watch how the service grows.


  1. Dear Owen: Buyerhunt is not ‘working’, as you’ll note from the # of comments you’ve received. While I have created the systems and methodologies for the Buyer Listing Service (BLS), I DON’T have a website. Although Buyerhunt has the BLS concept generally correct, it’s execution has been anything but. The expense and commitment to the public arising from a website for a BLS-type system is not needed yet. There is no ‘buzz’ at the ground level from consumers or agents because BLS is an innovation which must be deployed ‘top-down’ through service providers, not ‘ground-up’ through home buyers, sellers and agents. I have explained this to the boys at BH, to no effect. Although I have no relationship with them except to observe and learn for my own uses, it is a bit sad that BH is failing so quickly. It is not catching on with BH’s ‘method of deployment’ (after an October ’06 start-up, Jake Cunningham quit in February and, based on some Bloodhound quotes of 03.27.07, Cory Hague seems not far behind). I’ve got tons of stuff about BLS on ActiveRain if you want to see more. Thanks! mjm

  2. Hello Marc,
    I certainly respect your comments but must disagree. Why do you feel we are failing? In your own words, you have mentioned that this program should start from the “top-down” through service providers. We have done just that and are seeing it flourish with great success in the Phoenix-Metro area. When have you explained this to us “boys”? This comment is the first I have heard of you. You must have also read into my Bloodhound comments quite wrong…if all those frustrated with an industry or idea gave up, where would we be as a society? Read it again, I am more inspired than ever and have no intention of leaving…it is my website after all. Jake is a gret friend and was a fantastic employee who was given a more lucrative opportunity somehwere else. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before commenting again.

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