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Today I came across Collins College which has a rich variety of other coputing topics which look interesting. These range from Networking Technology, Management and Graphic Design all the way to Game Design, Animation and Visul FX. What a great set of subjects to look at. Check them out if you’re looking to further your studies.

There’s a great diversity of subjects you can specialise in if you decide to further your studies in Computing. Some time back I came across a course in Gaming Technologies which had a great syllabus including Game Theory, Advanced Graphics Techniques and all sort of other interesting topics.

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  1. Hi,
    Its a useful information.Actually my sister show interest to study gaming technology.we cant able to found the colleges which offers game course.So she planned to study in some computers centres like that.But after gone through your post, its great.collins college offers bachelors in gaming technology.Thank you very much for sharing this useful and timely information.

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