Top 10 Brands

So, what do you think the top brand in the world is at the moment? Is it Coke? Is it Microsoft? Well, no, the answer is Google! According to a report issued by Millward Brown Optimor these are the top 10 brands based on the value they are expected to bring their owners in the future:

1. Google–$66.4 billion
2. General Electric–$61.9 billion
3. Microsoft–$55 billion
4. Coca-Cola–$44.1 billion
5. China Mobile–$41.2 billion
6. Marlboro–$39.2 billion
7. Wal-Mart–$36.9 billion
8. Citigroup–$33.7 billion
9. IBM–$33.6 billion
10. Toyota Motor–$33.4 billion

Interesting huh?


  1. Very interesting but it’s no surprise that Google reigns at #1. It seems they are buying out lots of companies and offering users with nifty services.

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