Time to Party

Every since building and running The-Joke-Shop.com, I’ve always kept an eye on other e-commerce sites to pick up tips and ideas and compare them against what I know (and what I think is a good idea). I’ve handed that site over to Rory, but old habits die hard, I’m still attracted to e-commerce sites, particularly ones with a party theme.

Today I came across a site that sells Baby Shower Supplies (amongst other things) and was particularly drawn by the assistance they provide to people trying to organise their own party. My favourite sections was the Worksheets to Plan Like a Pro page; which has a number of timelines and planning sheets to help organise a party. There’s no charge for this, but it immediately sticks in the viewers mind and helps the site’s stickiness. I’ll keep them in mind in case I know anyone who needs Baby Shower Party Supplies

So tell me, what e-commerce sites out there have struck you as been noteworthly?

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