Outsourcing your content

It’s amazing what a plethora of different services exist online. From places that sell you products you’ve never heard of; all the way to services you would had never imagined. Today I came across a website that specialises in seo article services.

What’s that all about you may ask? Well, they point out that the best way to get visitors to a website is to write intelligent, informative articles a that keep your readers coming back for more. And this is just the service they offer. For a fee, they will provide your website with a steady stream of articles, all tailored at pulling the best rankings from search engines and attract quality visits from all around the Web. Not only do they promise you more traffic, but they claim to also make you present yourself as an expert in your industry.

While I have no objections to someone employing a PR consultant to check their work and confirm it’s in line with perceptions they want to project, paying someone to make it appear as if you’re an industry expert just seems way overboard for me. What do you think? Is this the best way to grow your audience?

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