Is Google the ultimate money making machine?

Interesting post on Read/Write Web claiming that Google is the Ultimate Money Making Machine. It’s an interesting theory that claims that the Web is different to the physical world in that some goods are not bounded by constraints/limitations and are virtually limitless. The author applies this to Google in that it’s market is limitless and thanks to the fact that Google has ingrained itself into the very fabric of the Internet, makes it the ultimate money generation machine. Interesting idea, but I’m not sure I would agree on all counts. I think the limiting factor is competition and if Google had to become complacent it won’t take long before it gets overtaken by other firms. Good read though. Check it out


  1. There are signs that Google may be resting too much on its laurels. Google right now is fine with national or intrenational companies who need recognition more than a direct order.
    But when it comes to local companies Google’s preoccupation with greatness may hurt it more than it realizes.

    Google does not seem to do that well locally. When that is known there will be a change in the way Google is viewed. Not just politics is local. This might be Google’s leveling.

  2. Google will eventually be beaten by something more innovative and greater. Hard to imagine right now but someday it will happen.

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