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I came across the idea of Blogtipping on Legal Andrew’s blog and warmed to the idea straight away. So I decided to start doing this every Sunday, on the basis that I manage to find some time of course. Anyway, what is blogtipping all about? It’s a simple 3-step process:

  • Pick 3 blogs you frequent
  • List 3 things about each one you like
  • Give each blogger a tip to improve their blog

It’s a great idea which helps encourage the proliferation of ideas across the blogosphere. Not only am I indtroucing my readers to blogs I read, but I’m also contributing to the said blogs. Of course, my tip is a personal take, so there may be valid reasons for the blogger not to take them. So, on to the blogs:

Legal Andrew

I’ve only come across Andrew Flusche’s blog recently, but have become an avid reader in a short time. As the name suggests, it’s mainly a legal blog, but I find this refreshing as it’d very different from my normal reading.

  1. I love Andrew’s new look. It’s a very fresh new look and makes visiting the blog a very personal experience. I feel I know Andrew already 😉
  2. Andrew writes about a variety of subjects, not just about legal topics. He’s well versed in marketing, technology and blogging. I might have to change my opinion on lawyers …
  3. As this isn’t my normal field, there’s always lots to learn. I find his blog pretty interesting in general, which is why I pop over pretty much every day.

Tip: The new look looks great, but there’s lots of space left over in the sidebars that you can put to good use. How about a MyBlogLog widget or a Random Link Button?

Seth’s Blog

Seth’s Blog is one place I visit when I’m in search of inspiration. Seth Godin is an author of business book focusing predominantly on marketing topics and has a pretty popular blog.

  1. Seth always has great ideas in his posts. Whether it’s stressing the importance of having high standards or sharing some marketing insight, his posts always make great reading.
  2. I love Seth’s sense of fun. From the more detailed humorous posts to observations on human nature, Seth loves pointing out how things can go wrong, but always in the light that things can be improved, both for the organisation and its customers.
  3. Seth can always be counted on to provide amazing business insight. It’s pointing out the really simple things that people take for granted, like “What you do is not nearly as important as how it makes people feel” Have a read.

Tip: I’m sure there’s some history I’ve missed, but Seth doesn’t allow comments on his blog. Why? The blogosphere is all about establishing conversations, and I hate not being able to contribute in the discussion.

Scott Hanselman’s

I’ve been subscribed to Scott Hanselman’s bog for many years now. He is an avid .Net developer and a fount of information.

  1. Scott puts together a brilliant podcast once a week. I’ve only just started catching up on them, but they are always a delight to listen to. My favourite so far has been the one with Raymond Chen.
  2. Scott is the custodian of the Ultimate Developer and Power User’s Tool List for Windows. Check it out, you’re bound to find some useful utility.
  3. Scott is an established .Net developer, author and speaker. But his technical knowledge also extends other topics, including Ruby. So there’s always something new to learn.

Tip: I like the new style on the blog. However, the Google ads in between posts tends to wreck havoc on the page width, making the page much wider than it needs to be. I would reduce the width of these. And there’s loads of extra things you can add to the SideBar.

It was quite hard to pick just 3 of the blogs I read for this post, but I promise there will be more next week. Who wants to go next?

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  1. Owen,

    Thanks for the blogtip. I’m glad you’ve joined the fun!

    I took your tip to heart and added a couple things to my sidebar. You’ll now see my tweets and the faces of you lovely readers. 🙂

    Take care,

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