Press Release: Affordable Quality Web Site Design Is Now Available

Owning a website doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. I learnt this some time ago when I started working with a web design company. They were literally charging thousands of pounds a day to build a website, while if you have the skills, you can do the same work for next to nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they weren’t providing a valuable service to the client; however I felt that the markup the company was making on the services it was offering the client were just out of proportion with the service they were providing.

Today I came across a press release for a company that specialises in Internet web site design. However, instead of trying to make as much money off you as possible, they claim to teach their customers how to get the best for the world, without having to pay extortionate rates for services. This is really quite a refreshing approach, especially after having dealt with hosting companies that take their clients for a ride and just try to get more and more money out of them.

Hosting today has become very much accessible, especially as there are a number of companies out there who offer reseller services. The barriers to entry into the market are relatively low, though there is a certain amount of knowledge that needs to be attained by anyone wanted to enter the market. But the thing that really differentiates one company to another is the service they provide their customers. This is where the long term relationship is built and where the mutual gains between supplier and customer can be achieved. So have a look at the press release and tell me, doesn’t it look like this company is heading in the right direction?

Here’s the press release:

Affordable Quality Web Site Design Is Now Available

The experts at now offer inexpensive web site design. Their team knows what it takes to have a successful web presence and can guide you through every step.

Liverpool, New York (PRWEB) April 5, 2007– Every new business starting out in this computer age is discovering they have a need for an internet presence. Whether it’s simply a place where potential customers can learn a little about the product or service being offered, contact information, or a full-fledged online sales store, an online presence today is a must. Every web site on the internet has an ultimate or underlying goal, to make money, and you deserve your share.

Today’s computer-minded population seldom pick up a phone book, they do not want to spend $1.50 on a call to information, and while newspaper ads provide some information, today’s generation is reading their news online.

When most 20 or 30-somethings need to find something they sign onto their computer and search for what they want. Many, while still reluctant to give their credit card information and make a purchase online, will still search for products and research what is available before finding a company and traveling there to but it. By the time they get there, they know the make and model and how much it should cost.

If you still doubt there is a need for an online home on the internet, go back and read the last paragraph.

Like every other type of business, if people do not know your store is open, they will not visit. Internet locations are exactly the same, only your customers do not have to drive and some may come from the other side of the globe. If they cannot find you, you may as well close the door and go home.

The people at can offer you the advice and expertise you need to put together a dynamite-looking web site as well as offer the advice needed to make it attractive to the search engines so visitors can find you in the vast space of the internet.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a web site, and offer the absolute best product or service at the best price, but if people can’t find you, again, you might as well shut it down.

A web site, designed and optimized to be attractive to the search engines, is needed in today’s internet market so that your web site will pop up to the visitors who search for the product or service you are offering. This service is also available through at a reasonable price as they understand the cost-constraints of a new business.

And for a business just getting off the ground, the need for an internet presence cannot wait until you start making money. Your web presence should be considered a part of your traditional business plan, being in place and functional on the day your business opens. Don’t have the time or money you think it will take to build your own site? can help you there as well. Offering hints and opportunities to help you get your web site up and running in a short period of time. Their expertise can help build a quality site, guide you to help you build your own, have it optimized for internet search, as well as steer you towards the right hosting solutions. We know your time is important, don’t spend it on trying to learn web design. Let the experts take care of it for you. You’ll be amazed how affordable having an internet presence can be.

For additional information on affordable web site design and other internet services, please visit
Suite 2A, 7797 Bainbridge Dr.
Liverpool, NY 13090


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