Technorati Status Bar Upate

Ok guys, I have a new version (0.3) of the FireFox Extension that lets you check the Technorati ranking of the site you’re currently viewing.

Download here: Technorati Status Bar

This one is better because:
1. It works (API key of 0.1 expired somehow)
2. It works on every page of the website, not just the home page
3. It “remembers” the last 20 requests it made, so avoids hitting Technorati over and over again with the same question.

I still have a pesky problem where it checks Technorati for every “page” you’re looking at (example if you have Google Ads or an iFrame it makes a seperate request for them), so you may get a funny number before it reports the real one. However it seems to work well on the whole.

I look forward to your comments/suggestions etc

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