Problem with Technorati Plugin for FireFox

Well, my Firefox Plugin for Technorati was working nicely, but all of a sudden it seems to have died. After a bit of research I found out that API calls are limited to 500 a day, and I thought I might have overrun this. However, when I tried checking the status of my API key, it turns out that I was getting an error message stating that the key was invalid.

Weird huh? .. Anyway, I’ve sent an email to support and posted something to their forums. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon. In the meantime, there’s lots of polishing to do on it. Here are my outstanding activities:

  • Learn Javascript
  • Recode following OO principles
  • Figure out how to sign the extension
  • Optimise so that it only calls Technorati on main page load (currently calls even if, say an iFrame is loaded)
  • Correct bug where it only display rank if looking at home page of site
  • Research some method to cache the result so we’re not calling Technorati with same request every time user refreshes or navigates around the site.
  • Research more elegant method of extracting Technorati rating from response XML
  • Add Options so user can turn on/off different rankings

Lots to do huh?

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