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Online Gambling has become quite a hot topic of discussion in today’s news, especially with the high profile arrests that the U.S. has instigated. This has made the whole gambling industry more edgy, however it’s still a booming market.

I decided to have a look around today and came across JackPot City Casino, which is a website that specialises in slots. The gambling side of the site doesn’t work on the website, but instead is a client you download and use one your computer. I suppose this gives a better user experience and also makes the transaction with the gambling provider more secure. The website is packed full of information about the service, how it works and also what promotation are available.

Digging a bit deeper, I found that the website is run and managed by Microgaming, a name I’m familiar with, as I walk in front of their offices every day. Yup, they’re based right here in the Isle of Man. Offshore jurisdictions, just like this one, are making it a point to get involved in online gambling and are working hard at providing a safe haven for these companies to operate. Interestingly, the site is not licensed here, but is actually licensed in Gibraltar. Quite an interenational operation, huh?

Do any of you use sites like this?

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