Joost Invites? Anyone?

Joost™Well, well, we have a new version of Joost available (0.9), as well as 5 new invites per beta tester. Nice to get a mailshot from them this afternoon.

I’ve only had a quick look at the client, but it looks more polished and there’s a host of new channels; including an anime channel, a sci-fi channel and a football channel. I think it might be time to install it on the laptop I have hooked up to the TV and see if it can fill the gap when there’s nothing good on TV.

Anyway, want a Joost invite? I haven’t found out where on the site they are yet, but if you leave a comment to this post, I’ll pick the first 5 and send out invitations. Good luck !


  1. can I please have a joost invite, please strangers, I really want one so that makes me worthy right

    ceruttinger {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. I?d love an invite if you happen to have more:
    FName- [ William ] LName- [ Blackgui ]
    groure [ AT ] gmail [ DOT ] com

  3. If anyone has a Joost invite to share and would be willing to let me have it I would be ever so grateful. I would love to get my hands on this. My name is Ernest Defoe and my e-mail is

  4. Hi I just found out about Joost today and it seems from looking around the net it sure is hard to get an invitation! If you have or get any more I sure would like one. Thanks in advance Chuck

  5. I would really love an invite from anyone, I have been looking for a while but most of them are already taken, probably the same for this site also, but if anyone here gets a chance please send me an invite my name is Ryan Stewarts and my email is

  6. well, PLEASE GIVE ME ONE!!!! please…

    because I am so desperate!!!

    I go to China, and maybe stuck with watching chinese television that i cant understand for two months!

  7. Hi, I am very interested in the Joost invite.
    Can I request for one?.

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