Designing Webpages: Which style do you prefer?

Interesting article by Nick Usborne entitled Two Approaches to Writing Webpages. In it he talks about two distinct methods of web page creation. The first method is similar to writing a letter or a brochure. It’s the linear placing of ideas on a page till the final objective is reached. The second method he describes as being similar to flower arranging. It’s the concept of dropping ideas on a page and tweaking/arranging them till they fit well. Less scientific, and more artistic.

I can relate to the post because I’ve recently thought of my coding efforts/website design as being akin to sculpting. You first make a rough similitude to what you’re after, then chip away at it until you reach the final product.

What about you? Are you linear or haphazard? Scientific or Artistic?

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  1. I think my writing style is linear. I have an idea and write in an order about the idea. Somethimes I go back and tweak it. This is an interesting comparison, Owen.

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