“Tesco fixed my car”

If you look at the newspaper today, you’ll see that Tesco is offering to pay for? any damage the contaminated fuel it may have sold from it’s pumps may have caused. They are doing this, even though the source of the contamination has nothing to do with them, they just happened to be the point at which the consumer received it.

So, why are they doing this? Well, at the end of the day it’s all about comsumer confidence. Even if this exercise proves to be extremely expensive, it’s still a drop in the ocean compared to what their daily revenue from fuel sales it. And the last thing they want to do is alienate their customers. So their strategy is to pull out all the stops and make sure their consumers are happy. And I’m sure it works, instead of people talking about how “Tesco ruined my car”, they not talk about how “Tesco fixed my car”

If only Tesco would move into the airline business .. it would be nice to see someone operate to the benefits of their customers!

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