EMF – Dangerous or not?

There’s lots of debate about EMF (electro-magnetic fields) have an impact on us. The theory is that they disrupt the way the body works. The body makes use of electrical impulses for nerves to communicate with each other, and essentially fr the brain to function. As EMF influences electrical current, some people believe that there is no way there’s no impact on us.

Interesting idea I thought, so I delved a bit more into the subject. One of the major potential threats from EMF is from mobile phones. Not only do these devices produce a substantial field, we also tend to hold them up to our heads most of the time. Have a look at the graph below:

What does this mean? Well, there are those that claim that the increased use of mobile phones is resulting in serious illness caused by these devices; and if you extrapolate this into the future, well, there’s a tremendous impact on the human race.

Is there nothing that can be done? Well, there are products out there that are supposed to help. For example, BIOPRO is a range of products that claims to counteract the impact of EMF on people and have a beneficial effect on you. If you’re worried about EMF you might want to check it out.

Obviously, as with all contentious issues, there’s more than one opinion about whether EMF actually affects your health. Some people claim that the effects are too minimal to have any impact on us. However, I still have a couple of friends who will insist on using a headset connected to a phone, so as not to put the phone in contact with their head. What do you think ?

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