Don’t screw the babysitter

Good post on Mark Pilgrim’s blog called: Don’t fuck the babysitter. It talks about how some books (and in this particular case parenting books) contain a host of useless information and are based around stating the “bleeding obvious”. My qualm is how he claims that the same can be applied to blogging.

Most personal blogs tend to have a pretty random feel about them. The blogger is bound to blog about what affects him or her at that point in time, however there’s always some reason behind a blog post. Some posts may be commercial, some motivated by a social need, some just as an aide-memoire or a desire to share some knowledge. I’m not saying that all blogging is noble, it can also be a way to vent some frustration or even to attack someone’s character; but it is usually far from pointless.

Personally I take offence to the idea that most blogs are mindless drivel .. that do you think?


  1. I don’t think most blogs are drivel at least not to the people who write them….

    On a side not I like randomness in a blog. It gives the reader more of a connection with the writer and sort of a peak into how the writer’s mind works.

  2. Intersting that you should post this on a day when many of your acquaintance are trying to identify how “others” see their blogs. I see my own as somewhat random, inspired by the events of any given day, but have learned that others see different recurring themes.

    I’m responding to the “carrot” you left where we usually meet. Now you’re going to visit and tell me exactly where to install the plug-in on my own blog, right? {That’s a not-so-hidden carrot. :0D }

  3. well i have many different blogs for the different need, i have a tech blog because well that how i earn a living, i have a hate blog, a beer blog, rant blogs, i got almost every basis covered:) heck owen you did a revieve on one:)

  4. I agree Owen. Sometimes a blog can provide a vaulable outlet for the user and provide a resource for a community, group or business. Not all blogs are great, but they aren’t all terrible either. Just like the people writing them.

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