Great Customer Service

Great post on Joel on Software talking about the main principles of Customer Service. It’s called “Seven steps to remarkable customer service” and contains great avice for anyone who needs to deal with customers; whether you’re specifically in customer service or not. These are the things he recommends.

  1. Fix everything two ways
  2. Suggest blowing out the dust
  3. Make customers into fans
  4. Take the blame
  5. Memorize awkward phrases
  6. Practice puppetry
  7. Greed will get you nowhere
  8. Give customer service personnel a career path (bonus)

Check it out

Also, speaking about Customer Service, Seth has an interesting post about how he thinks companies should start over and rething their service policies. It’s a good point of view. Check it out

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  1. I wish more companies would use the principals of Customer Service. It seems like nowadays that the customers are just an afterthought.

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