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If you use Joomla to build websites, here’s a great place to get your Joomla Templates. It’s a club for Joomla Webmasters and when you join you get immediate access to 2 e-books, 50 templates and a host of other goodies to play with. Membership is a one-time cost of $45.99 but if you do this for a living, the kit you get will save you countless hours of time.

If your resources are a bit tight, there’s also a number of free templates that you can make use of to build your website. Try this sites for example:

  • Compass Designs – Both free and commercial Joomla templates
  • SiteGround – Free templates, addons and tutorials on Joomla
  • JoomlaShack – Collection of commercial and free templates for Joomla
  • JumlaHut – Absolutely massive collection of Joomla templates
  • TY2U – Collection of free Joomla templates

So, the choice is yours, spent $50 getting 50 templates from ClubTVK, or learn to use Google, and get as many as you want for free.


  1. I’m so glad you linked to this ‘Google’ thing
    it has opened up a whole world of possibilities to me.

    Just kidding, I’ve even heard of a couple of these other resources. I would like to add a non specific bit of criticism. Customer service can be pretty lacking from many of these services. This can be really frustrating if you build a store for someone and it doesn’t work. I make coffee for people who deal with these issues.

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