National vs Local presence

How do you promote a local presence while maintaining a national or even international brand? It’s a hard question that has to be answered by many a big firm. Do we position ourselves as national brands, which increases our reach but gives us less depth; or do we place ourselves as local brands which maximises our image as local experts but may also limit our growth?

One approach is to use an umbrella national brand with a number of local sub-brands each focuses on a local area. This is precisely what USA4Sale Networks Inc has done. They specialise in providing classified ads around the USA, and have achieves maximum market penetration by launching a number of dedicated sites (all around the same technical framework) which focus on different localities around the country. For example, Ocala is served by Classifieds and, according to a new press release, Jacksonville is now served by Classifieds.

Great idea, I wonder how it would translate to the UK …

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