Flucidity: The Universal Language

Here’s an interesting website I stumbled upon. Flucidity, the Theory of Everything, is a new “langauge” or maybe I should say, method of articulation that helps you map knowledge in a say that it can be shared an disseminated really easily.

The claim that the website makes is that it wants to transform knowledge of science and physics in the same way that Windows has transformed computing and made it accessible to the masses. It’s an interesting analogy and one that’s going to be quite hard to live up to, but it should be fun to watch and hey, maybe there’s something to learn here. And it should be applicable not just to the realm of science and physics, but also to commerce, relationships and just about every facet of our lives.

The website seems to be in a state of flux, with new material being added to it. There’s a section on Flucid Physics and the promise of Flucid Economics, but I’m curious to see how more areas of our lives can be helped with this theory.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t really got my head around it yet, but I thought I’d post it here, so I know where to find it in the future.

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