Businesses that lie

I cam across a post by Emma Riley down at Jupiter Research this morning who puts forward a very poignant opinion about advertisers who try and mislead the public. She mentions an example of car manufacturers who sell cars as being “The Most Environmentally Friendly Vehicle in it’s class” as if they don’t harm the enviorment or jam manufacturers who claim their product is good for you because it’s “Fat Free”

I’ve been noticing this trend for some time now, as more and more businesses join popular bandwagons and try and get some milage out of the efforts of others. So it’s nice to see my thoughts echoed in someone else’s post. I sometimes find it insulting that advertisers think they can pull wool over my eyes and I’m sure I’m not the only consumer out there. I’m not saying that the misinformation they supply will not affect the buying behaviour of consumers out there, I’m sure it does. However I don’t think it’s right to mislead people and it’s only a matter of time before these scams are picked up on. Consumers are getting more and more savvy, they have more ways to research products they buy and these tricks are bound to result in negative publicity around their products.

Enjoy your fat-free 5-sugar black coffee. It’s fat-free, so it must be good for you …

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