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There are lots of companies that sell all type of things online. Some are easy to supply, books, CDs, durable goods. Some are harder than others. Today I came across a company called Cook who supply frozen meals and ship them all over the UK. They don’t actually ship to the Isle of Man, but a local supermarket carries their products. So, this evening we tried their Nut Roast and their Red Lentil and Mixed Bean Casserole from their Vegeterian menu. It was surprisingly good, and it was only after I decided to look them up that I found out their the are primarily an online-supply business.

The one thing I loved about their food was the attention to detail. The meals were very tasty, with great use of spices and as a finishing touch, they also include the signature of the person who prepared the meal. You can read the history of the company on their website here. They also explain how the delivery process works. Basically the food is prepared and flash frozen at their factory. It is then shipped overnight in insulated packages straight to your door. Their minimum order is quite high, however as it’s frozen food it keeps well, so can just be stored ina freezer.

Bottom line, if you get the opportunity to try their meals, go for it. I was extremely impressed


  1. Funnily enough Owen, I bought their Green Thai Chicken dinner for two yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve bought their products and here you are blogging about them on the very same day. Coincidence eh? I haven’t cooked it yet. I’ll let you know.

  2. *chuckle* It’s a small world huh? It was interesting to find out they had an Internet-delivery channel too. I wonder what proportion of sales they effect online

  3. There’s just something about ordering food online that just weirds me out. Order a pizza to be delivered, sure! Flash frozen stuff to be delivered by the UPS man? Eh….

  4. The only kind of food delivery we have here in Malaysia are — I think — Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. And both charge exhorbitant delivery prices, hhaha 🙂

  5. Hmm. I’m not sure how I feel about this! I wonder if it will be a growing industry, though. Things to ponder.

  6. Sounds like the type of place I need! I used to buy Schwan frozen foods from a delivery guy but you still had to plan the meal.

  7. The mixed bean casserole sounds very good.

    I am the queen of feeding my family frozen meals, this sounds like something perfect for me!

    There is a place near me where you can go prepare a meal and take it home to cook. You save time because they have so many ingredients and all chopped or diced or whatever, so you just throw it together, purchase and go home to cook it.

    Or they will even throw it together for you for a slightly higher fee. The only thing they don’t do is flash freeze and ship.

  8. I need a service like this! I can make a huge order and have supper covered for a full month. If only I lived in the UK.

  9. I have friends in Florida who have ordered meals this way for years, and a friend in Canada who orders her groceries online and has them delivered to her door. Since I live alone and enjoy cooking it’s not something that’s very practical for me. If I were cooking for a big family though … yeah, I cna see the appeal!

  10. I’ve been living my life online ever since I moved up Cape (Cape Cod, MA) where towns shut down for the winter (yes they do!) and the nearest grocery is about a 20 minute drive which is not an option for sopmeone who doesn’t drive. I order my groceries online, some prepared meals online, mostly from Stop and Shop and Hannaford as they’re the onew sho deliver to my place. That and the chinese man of course. But I haven’t tried any vegetarian meals hmmnnn

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