WordPress Plugin Development Information

While messing around with writing the Random Link Button plugin for WordPress I’ve amassed a number of links to useful information for anyone involved in writing plugins for WordPress. Here you go:

  • How to write a simple WordPress plugin: by Owen Winkler. Great tutorial which walks you through the creation of a plugin, the different types of plugins available, and things you need to watch out for.
  • Your first WP Plugin: by Mark Jaquith. This is a 5 minute video which walks you through the ins and outs of creating your first Plugin. If you’re planning to write a plugin; you must watch this.
  • Writing a Plugin: on the WordPress website. This has all the information you would ever need to know. There’s a lot to digest, so go through the first two links first.
  • WordPress Hooks: A directory of all WordPress Hooks.

It’s interesting writing stuff for a frameworkthat someone else has built, I’ll need to dig into the WordPress architecture a bit further, however for now, I’m just going to poke around the edges. I must say that I am quite lucky that I’m hitting the system at a late stage; a lot of the teething issues have already been ironed out and it’s a pretty mature platform.

Anyway, get out your PHP primer and start coding!


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