*grumble* Microsoft

I saw a photo presentation a friend of mine (Michela) made while she was on holiday here in the Isle of Man and found out that she used a free package from Microsoft called Photo Story to make this. Fine, I said, I’ll download this and give it a try. I popped to the download page, Validated my copy of Windows (which seems like a necessary prerequisite to get anything free from Microsoft), and downloaded the package. However when I tried installing it, it said it didn’t run on my version of Windows!

Now, I know that there’s probably a bunch of testing that needs to happen before Microsoft So what’s the point of upgrading to Vista if Microsof “certifies” a product to work with Vista, but considering Vista RTMed a couple of months ago, you’d expect Microsoft to have looked at the products it supplies and got them ready for Vista now, would you! It bugs me how the try and sell you products on the basis that it will make your oganisation more “agile”, when they themselves can’t get their own house in order.

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