Today’s my lucky day

I’m having a good day today. I started having a look at the PayPerPost HP puzzle today, and have collected all the pieces I can to date. This everning I’ve come across another.

This is another bit of the puzzle that they PayPerPost are doing to promote HP’s drive to become a leader in Digital Photo Printing. To do this they are sponsoring this post and many others around the web to post different bits of the puzzle on their blog. The puzzle pieces show a collage of photos that Michelle, an avid blogger, has taken with her HP camera. And, in case you haven’t gathered it from my previous posts, there’s a $1000 prize pot at the end of the puzzle.

It’s an interesting debate abother how effective viral schemes are as compared to traditional advertising.? The biggest problem is that although you can measure the cost of a campaign such as this one, tangabile measure of success are harder to articulate. How do you attribute a purchase decision to someone being exposed to this post? Tricky huh?

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