Doing the HP Puzzle

So, I’ve decided to try and catch up and do the PayPerPost puzzle. It’s the same format as the previous one, basically a picture has been split up into 48 pieces and spread all around the web. They’re all based around a promotional push by HP who is pushing to become the market leader of Digital Photo Printing and is sponsoring a number of posts (including this one) to ask bloggers to leave pieces on their blog. There’s one piece already on this blog, and here’s another for your collection pleasure:

The picture is all about one PayPerPost winner (who won an HP camera), who took a number of photos and put them into a collage. If you collect all the pieces and put them together, there’s a $1000 prize you could be winning. So why wait? Start collecting today.

That makes 16 pieces I have so far. How many do you have ?

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