Where’s that business card?

Business cards are a fact of life when meeting colleagues, clients and suppliers. They’re a useful way to propagate your personal information and credentials, while also a useful way to store and categorise your contacts. I got thinking today about how they started, so I decided to do some research.

Turns out that business cards were derived from calling cards or visiting cards which originated in China in the 15th century. These made their way to Europe in the 17th century where they became an indispensable tool of etiquette. By the 19th century they became an essential accessory for anyone established in society.

Interesting huh? Nowadays everyone can make their own business cards. You can either go to a printer who could make them for you at a reasonable charge, or you could buy your own stationary and make your own. There’s lots of guides around the web about how to get your business cards for free. The most important thing however, is to realise that these cards have a lasting impression on the people you give them to. Going for an inferior product can have a negative impact on your reputation with a corresponding effect on your business opportunities.

So, whether you decide to make your own, get some free business cards or buy them ready made, make sure you go for the best you can get. It’s worth it in the end.

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