Rent out your driveway

Here’s a cool idea. If you live close to a railway station or shopping zone, you can now rent out your driveway for someone to park in. The thing is, you probably drive your car to work every day and your driveway is just empty. There’s a new service in the UK that lets you lease out this space and get paid for it’s use. let’s you do just this. It let’s people with available spaces register and earn up to £1500 a year for their space. It also lets other people search for available spaces and book one of these if it is needed. This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this, but it sounds like an excellent idea. Making use of a resource when it is idle is the best way to maximize it’s use, at particularly with this idea, you are letting out a resource when you are not using it. If it sounds interesting: check it out


  1. No idea, Never seen I find the idea fascinating though. Good use of idle resources ..

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