Checking out MySpace

So I decided to check out MySpace and see what all the buzz is about. It’s amusing to see what some people are trying to do there, but there’s also some powerful stuff in there. The standard template is just horrific, especially the blog pages, but if you dedicate some time to it, you can put together a half decent result. There’s a huge focus on music and other themes relating to bands and artists. And there’s some genuine successes there, take Wierd Al Yankovic and some of the iPod pages.

Seriously, as a consultant I need to know as much as possible about pretty much anything technology related (and I also have a personal drive to absorb as much knowledge as possible), so even though somewhere looks like a pregnant minefield of incestuous crap, doesn’t mean I won’t poke my head in to have a look. I’m also interested in how the website works, scales and what sort of tools MySpace users are given also, as it helps inform other projects I may be involved in.

The truth is that MySpace is just another medium, another channel of expression that can be used just for about anything it’s inhabitants want to use it for. The end result, just like everything else, is up to the creativity, ingenuity and perseverance of those who will contribute to it’s growth and successes.

Oh, and if you’re on MySpace, visit my page and add me as a friend!

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